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Photo: © Viatli Pustovalov
"Thirteen Moons" 2014 Grayhawk Perkins & Mezcal Jazz Unit / Label Emoi.
"Ici et Ailleurs" 2012 Mezcal Jazz Unit / Label Emoi.
"Shantu" 2009 Mezcal Jazz Unit+ Shantu / Label Emoi. Dist. Mosaic.
"One" 2007 Mezcal Jazz Unit+ Bickram Ghosh / Sarregama, India.
"Ru Rung (Jungle Lullaby)" 2006 Tran Manh Tuan
"Tim Gio" 2005 Mezcal Jazz Unit + Tran Manh Tuan / Label Emoi.
"le Best of #1" 2005 Mezcal Jazz Unit / Célia. Dist. Mosaic.
"Môt Hai Bâ Bôn" 2004 Mezcal Jazz Unit / Célia. Dist. Mosaic.
"Mon père disait parfois" 2003 Compagnie Asphodèles / ASP.
"Le continent contraire" 2001 Compagnie Asphodèles / ASP.
"in concerto"1998 Mezcal Jazz Unit / Célia. Dist. Musidisc.
"Ignalina"1996 Mezcal Jazz Unit / Célia. Dist. Musidisc.
"Atche de!"1992 Mezcal Jazz Unit / N.I.L Record. Dist.Baillemont.
"T'as quitté ta B.D" 1985 Los Cracos / Zéro de conduite

Born in 1956
Leader of the band, he composes the music and he is at the origin of most of the projects of creation.
Also guitarist, he kept a harmonious vision of the music which gives to the quartet a very particular color.
Composer, arranger, but also comedian, director, he works sometimes with theater or cinema projects.

Concerts and tour with Mezcal Jazz Unit in Europe, Asia, Africa, America.

Musician et arrangements in "Flavia & the Magic Crumble" (french songs 2008)
Musician (tuba) in "Cinq à Sète" (street combo) and lead guitar in "On Off" (rockband).

Comedian in "Les Voix liées font leur cinéma", musical theater 2000.
Member of the " Compagnie Asphodèles": theater, performances, creation of songs for children since 1995
Member of "Compagnie Zero de conduite", musical theater, from 1980 to 1985:"Trio Déconcerto, Nuits blanches, Los Cracos"

Some performances:
Compositions for Cricot Theater, Krakow: Tadeuz Kantor "Douce Nuit"Avignon Festival 1990.
Musical compositions for Cinema movies: colabrate with film director Henri Herré for 2 movies: "Août" Prod Lazennec 1991, "L'île au bout du monde",
Ahora films 1998.
Musical compositions for short movies, firm films from 1988 to 1992.
Author, theater director: "Studio 102" (created 1992), Montpellier, Paris.
Also short movies director ("La mer, etc...",1986, "L'ennemi intérieur", 1990).