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Photo: © Elizabeth Riley
"Thirteen Moons" 2014 Grayhawk Perkins & Mezcal Jazz Unit / Label Emoi.
"Sound Inside" 2013 Jean Marie Frédéric Quartet.
"Shantu" 2009 Mezcal Jazz Unit+ Shantu / Label Emoi. Dist. Mosaic.
"One" 2007 Mezcal Jazz Unit+ Bickram Ghosh / Sarregama, India.
"Sul Ponticello " 2008 Musique napolitaine
"Tim Gio" 2005 Mezcal Jazz Unit + Tran Manh Tuan / Label Emoi.
"Aumja" 2005 (Gouirand-Menon-Dayraud-Frédéric)
"Bon anniversaire"1998 Eric Bretheau 5tet
"Joueurs d'écûme " 1997 J. Charles Agou 4tet
"The Beginning and the end" Rainer Pusch 4tet
"L'Ut de classe Trio "1997 Nûba

"Rituel" 1995 JM Frederic/Paul Pioli/Frederic Tari
"Sabir" 1995 J. Charles Agou 4tet

Born in 1965
This jazz guitarist's passion for melodies and harmonies doesn't stop him from exploring the rock sounds of his electric guitar.

Drawing inspiration from Jazz, Rock and Roll, world and experimental music, Jean-Marie Frédéric is always eager to engage with other musicians, and is constantly in search of new styles and novel sounds. He offers his talents as a guitarist and arranger to a number of artistic projects, to which he brings both classical notes and the most contorted tones.

He first studied classical guitar at the Sète conservatory and later at the C.R.M. (Center for Musical Knowledge and Research, in Montpellier), also taking part in workshops led by Gérard Pansanel, Joe Diorio, Serge Lazarévitch, Barre Philips. Jean-Marie's diverse musical experiences have earned him to play with Siegfried Kessler, Michel Marre, René Nan, Bruno Codignola, Francis Bourrec, Doudou Gouirand, Débora Seffer, Christian l'été, Mimi Lorenzini, Tony Pagano, Gérard Pansannel, Keyvan et Bijan Cheymirani, Patrick Vaillant, Bikram Gosh, Pépé Martinez, Frédéric Monino, Patrice Héral, Eric Séva, Pierre Dayraud, Paul Pioli, Brigitte Menon, Hamilton De Hollanda, ...

Jean-Marie's attraction to world music has led him to play with Denis Fournier's "Sud Ensemble", Jean-Charles Agou's "Sabir", Fethi Tabet's "Comifo", Michel Bismut's "Porte-bonheur", and since 2006 with "Mezcal Jazz Unit."