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Original music event"Kon Tum Songs" with the Banhar Gongs of Kon Tum, Vietnam
Supported by SPEDIDAM, FCM & Bureau Export

Tours in Vietnam in 2014, 2018, 2019
CD "KonTum Songs" 2020

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Original music event"Mango Dream"
Supported by SPEDIDAM, FCM & Bureau Export

Tours in France & Cambodia in 2016, 2017, 2018
CD "Mango Dream" 2018

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Original music event "Mezcal Jazz Unit & Grayhawk Perkins"
Supported by SPEDIDAM, ADAMI, CNV, de la Région LR et de US Embassy in France

Tours in France & USA in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
CD "Thirteen Moons" 2013

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Original musical event "Mezcal Jazz Unit meets Laos" in November 2011 at Institut Français de Vientianne
Supported by SPEDIDAM, Institut Français-Ministère des Affaires Etrangères and Région LR.
Created at l'Institut français de Vientiane, Laos.
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Original musical event "Mezcal Jazz Unit meets Morocco" in october 2010, featuring Aziz El Achhab (violon) & Mohamed Mouhib (darbouka).
Supported by SPEDIDAM, institut français de Fès.
Rehearsals in Fès, concerts in Fès (Festival "Jazz en Ryads 2010), Ifrane, Agadir. Performance in Paris "Festival des Sons nov 2010" at Satellit Café
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Rehearsals in Montpellier with E'Joung-Ju (gômungo)
Concerts in the South of France & in Paris

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Rehearsals & special performance in Ekaterinbourg (Ural, Russia) with the russian band Izumrud.
Supported by SPEDIDAM, Consultat français d'Ekaterinbourg.
Performance in the world music festival "Emerald city", Ekaterinbourg.
Concerts in Irkoutzk, Novossibirsk (Sibérie, Russie)
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Original Show created in Kano, Nigeria, with "SHANTU", a traditional female choir Supported by SPEDIDAM, Ambassade de France au Nigeria, History & Culture Bureau of city of Kano, nigerians & french sponsors.
Rehearsals and recordings in KANO, february 2009
Created in Kano KAMFEST 2009, on february 22nd
C.D "MEZCAL JAZZ UNIT SHANTU", produced on Label Emoi (distributed in France byMosaic Music & in USA by
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With the singerin Flavia (french songs)
Rehearsals in Poussan, in october 2008
Concerts in Languedoc Roussillon, spring-summer 2009
"ONE", fusion music, original musical creation in India with 3 indian musicians
Supported by Spedidam & Region Languedoc Roussillon
Rehearsals and recordings in Calcutta, India, in april 2006
Concerts in India: Calcutta, Bombay, Dehli, Chenai, Bengalore in 2006 et 2008
C.D "One", march 2008, on historical indian company HMV Saregama India
"TIM GIÓ", french-vietamese musical project
Supported by Spedidam, FCM, JAM e& SCAC de Saigon.
Reahearsals & recordings in studioat Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, in november et december 2005
Concerts in Vietnam: Saigon, Hanoi, Hué (International Festival Hué 2006) in 2005 et 2006 C.D "Tim Gió" in january 2006 on company Label Emoi (distribution
Tour in France in october 2007

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Original franco-vietnamese performance with Siu Black, singer from the the Vietnamese mountains, around tarditionnal songs.
Supported by Spedidam, de l'Adami & l'ESPACE CCF de Hanoi..
Résidence à "l'Espace", centre culturel franç de Hanoi Unique performance for closing the 4° European Jazz Festival of Hanoi.
Original musical project featuring Petras Vyšniauskas (sax) & Augis Jonavicius (guit).
Supported by Spedidam, Adami, Fcm & Centre culturel français de Vilnius.
Created at the Vilnius Jazz Festival (november1995). C.D. "Ignalina" recorded in Vilnius
Tours in Lithaunia & France 1995-1996.